Who is National Collegiate?
National Collegiate is a division of Voicecom Telecommunications, LLC and is dedicated to providing advanced communications solutions that meet the needs of the educational community and highly mobile individuals.

What services does National Collegiate offer?
We offer two communications solutions - a calling card with low, competitive rates and Campus Connections which provides your organization with a communications network and your members with an enhanced calling solution that includes robust features like voicemail to email, fax to email, and a find/me follow/me call reach service.

What is required by my organization to offer one of your services to my members?
Our partnership programs require your help in marketing our services to your members. This can include providing member contact information, promoting the service on your website or in regular publications, providing access to members on site and other marketing support that is appropriate.

What is the Campus Connections Network?
The Campus Connections Network provides your organization with a method to communicate with your members. You can send one message to one individual or a group of people. Users can reply to and forward messages as easily as they do email and without incurring long distance charges. The Campus Connections Network automatically maintains a list of users for you so that you have quick and easy access to all your members without having to update contact lists.

What do my members get with the Campus Connections Network?
The individual members in your organization sign up for a personal 800 number. With this number, members can place long distance and conference calls, receive voice and fax messages in their email, screen calls using the preview feature, and take calls from anywhere using the locator service. For more information on the features of Campus Connections, click here.

What is the difference between the Calling Cards and Campus Connections?
The calling card solution was the first program we offered to our partners and continues to drive a lot of interest. Calling Cards are ideal for individuals who do not want to pay a monthly service fee and only need to make long distance calls. Campus Connections is new service we introduced this year. Campus Connections offers more than the basic calling card functionality. And because of its great features, Campus Connections users are charged a small monthly service fee as well as a per minute charge.

What type of support does my organization get with Campus Connections?
The best part about the Campus Connections Network is that it requires little support from your organization. We will automatically maintain a list of users for you and we will provide a monthly report of all the new users. We directly bill your members for their service. And we can provide you and your leaders training on how to best use the Campus Connections Network.

How quickly can I implement a partnership program?
Depending on which program you select, we can implement a partnership program in as little as 15 days. However, marketing the program is an on-going effort for both National Collegiate and your organization.

How much can I expect in my royalty check and how often do I receive a payment?
Royalty checks are issued quarterly. The amount of each check depends on the terms we agree upon in our partnership agreement and the use of the product by your members.



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